Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Happy new year to Jew and Ewe and You / Wednesday word

A shanah tovah to those who reckon time thusly.

It's appropriate that Monday was the day we scheduled for CIDRing our does and ewes; in a way, it starts the year for them too.  The CIDR (previously mentioned) is a hormone delivery device that will get the animals to come into heat at the time of our choosing, which will be in about 14 days (plus or minus one).  Then, it's time for tupping*.  Then, 145 days of gestation.  Then a sleepless week of kidding and lambing.  Then, for the does, 305 days of milking.  So Monday started the calendar for us in more than one way.

*"tupping" has to be the Wednesday word.  For someone who raises Shetlands, "tupperware" sounds an awful lot like sex toys for sheep.