Monday, May 24, 2010

Bracing for Fall and Beyond

I am assured that I’ll have a teaching spot for Introductory Microbiology at Davis in the Fall. I called the department secretary today and she told me that I have a contract to sign. I’m not sure if she means a “letter of intent” or a “contract”—as I’ve found out, Davis can easily just forget the former, while the latter has more binding power. So, it’s time to post this oldie but goodie (click to enlarge).

I’m still not sure about what is going on in the winter and spring. I’m told that it’s likely that I’ll split the microbial diversity class at Davis in the winter, which will be interesting. I’ve never team-taught, and I’ve never taught this class (though it is a favorite subject of mine).

I might be teaching at Sacramento State in the spring. I’ve sort of gotten used to the rhythm of uncertainty at Davis, which sometimes involves telling me that I’m going to be teaching a particular class for sure with 72 hours notice. I’m not used to the way it runs at Sac State, which has been like so:

Sacramento State (in March): We may possibly need instructors for these classes in the 2010-2011 year (shows two-page list of classes, including just about every class offered in the biology department.

Me (in March): Cool. I could easily do that one, that one, those, and that one in the fall semester, and that one, that one, these ones here, and that one in the spring. Here’s my application and relevant materials. When will you decide?

Sac State (in March): Oh, end of April, beginning of May.

Sac State (end of April, beginning of May):

Sac State (middle of May, via a letter addressed to “Alexis Appleman”): We were really impressed with the job you did teaching here last year. The students were very enthusiastic too.

Me (late May): Thanks. Um, have you guys decided anything yet?

Sac State: Er, no, not yet—but real soon, promise.

Me: Well, Davis just offered me something for Fall and I’m gonna take it.

Sac State: Shoot! You were at the top of a bunch of lists for Fall.

Me: Sorry, I guess. Bird in the hand, don’t you know. How about spring? Have you guys decided anything yet?

Sac State: Er, no, not yet—but real soon, promise.

We’ll see how this all plays out.

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