Thursday, October 28, 2010


Back in Wisconsin, there was a farm stand that I'd go by while on my usual bike ride. They had a sign out front advertising what was for sale, "PUmPKins" or "BEAN PEA applES." One time, they were trying to convey that they had raspberries and sweet corn for sale, but they didn't have enough room on the sign. What I saw as I rode past was
No thanks, I get enough scorn and raspberries for free.

Today I was driving home from work, and there's a slightly more upscale farm stand on the route. However, their sign maker seems to be a relative of the one in Wisconsin. They were trying to sell


But some recent windy weather has edited the sign. They are now selling


No thanks, I get enough of that for free too.

Reminds me of this oldie but goodie (starts at 2:30)

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