Friday, November 26, 2010

Friday Flora

The Real Doctor has been acquiring plants at an alarming rate due to a titration problem. It started with a couple of interesting orchids being purchased from Santa Barbara Orchid Estates; these few required some indoor lighting set-up. However, the indoor lighting set-up, despite being small, still had some extra space. So, more plants were purchased. However, the number of plants exceeded the room on the indoor lighting set-up. So, a larger indoor lighting set-up was purchased. (Note the persistent use of the passive voice; this absolves all concerned from any agency or blame). However, the only reasonable larger indoor lighting set-up involves three shelves illuminated by four-foot fluorescent lights. So, the capacity of the indoor lighting set-up now vastly exceeds the number of plants. Clearly, more plants must be acquired.

Fortunately, I like plants. Especially funky cacti that look like they are desperately trying to be rocks, until they let loose with blooms like this:

Ariocarpus kotschoubeyanus (Northern Mexico, S. of the Rio Grande)

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