Sunday, January 9, 2011

Offline--or line off?

No posting the last few days; the phone line for our house was down. Literally--it fell off the pole, gnawed away by rodents. Apparently, according to the lineman who came by today to fix it, the critters are attracted by the electromagnetic pulses, and just can't resist chewing on the things. We had a chinchilla once who seemed to love chewing on electrical wires; we'd here a sparky noise, and an odd grunting that seemed to simultaneously express chinchillean pleasure and annoyance. (The bad part is when the phone rings, and the voltage of a phone wire spikes from 40V to 150V--the lineman had an amusing story about finding a rat that had been unlucky enough to be chewing on a wire when the phone rang. The rat was killed, and the current caused its jaw muscles to clench onto the wire--when he removed the wire, which was under a house, the decayed rat was still grimly attached.)

Anyway, we are back online, or the line is back on, or both.

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