Monday, July 4, 2011

America's Moving Adventure

Yesterday was d-day--our final move from Sacramento. The mezzuzot were removed from the doorways and the flag was lowered from the fort:
The original plan was to drive up in our two cars, but the big pile o' stuff (a lot of wine that the movers wouldn't touch, all the violin building stuff, four fiddles, an accordion, the stuff required for camping out for a month, a dog (but not a cat; more on that later)) all added up. So, America's Moving Adventure literally became "America's Moving Adventure (tm)" as we rented a U-haul and trailered up one of the cars.

California is my native land. The first time I moved away from California, what made it really hit home was looking backwards through an airplane window and seeing Mt. Shasta recede in the sunset. I got to relive that experience yesterday.
But wallowing in nostalgia for things lost is not conducive to progress. Forward!


  1. So where is 'unnamed'?
    Ain't U-hauls fun to drive? NOT
    Happy camping.

  2. I will have to explain about Unnamed Cat in a proper post--his fate can be described as something between adoption and kidnapping. Either way, he is as happy as a cat can expect to be without living in a wholesale tuna warehouse (which is good) and no longer with us (which is not). Cats decide these things, not their human attendants.

    On the whole, I would prefer not to drive a U-haul. It did have a/c, though.