Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Not sure how to interpret this, and the passage of time.

My good friend D. sends me this, which he found on Rate My've made a point of not looking there, but apparently the voices in D.'s head told him to do so. Click on it to make it readable.
A couple of years ago, D. sent me a note telling me that according to the reviewers on this site, I was "not hot." So, I am amused. I guess I am heartened that I'm rated as being difficult, helpful, and clear, and not green. Oh, and "J-App"???

I'm also reminded that it's been over a year now since I've done any teaching, which is considerably less heartening. There is still six months to a year of fixing up needed at this place before I feel that I can honestly give attention to teaching. Until then, I am still learning a lot--just about drywall and goats and plumbing and sheep, not microbes.


  1. Maybe the student is really trying to say that you're a Hunk? Oh, but "not hot". I'm too scared to look at my Ratings ...

    1. Hey Karen...I'm a little concerned that I remind one of my students of the hulk; D. sent me another review which described me as a "monster of helpfulness." I'm still not going to look at the website. No good can come of it, and the ratings would be less useful than the end-of-quarter reviews. If you can, get a friend like D. to just send you the choice bits.

  2. Dr. Appleman,

    I looked for contact information, but I couldn't find any. Is there any chance I could get your email so I could ask you about some things? Sorry about leaving this as a comment; I wasn't sure where else to ask.

    Maria Ma