Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Wednesday Worbs Typo edition

Growing up in Los Angeles, you're exposed to a lot of weird stuff, good and bad.  I was exposed to smog (bad) and the Dr. Demento radio show (good).  As a result of the latter, I was exposed to this novelty song, which is distinctly of Los Angeles, but I haven't decided whether it's good or bad:

I'm back in Los Angeles, taking care of some business for my parents while the Real Doctor takes care of the farm.  The map provided by the rental car agency had an amusing typo, possibly from an Optical Character Recognition glitch: it turned "Sepulveda" into the strikingly euphonious "Sepulveola," which I think sounds lovely.

Driving to the old homestead along Suplveola, I got lunch at a Thai restaurant.  When you have so many ethnicities in a simmering hot melting pot like LA, there is bound to be some misunderstandings; in this case, a crudely scrawled sign in the men's room admonished me to "PLEASE  TURN OFF LITE WHEN YOUR FINNISH."

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