Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Wednesday wordage did you think before you wrote that edition

We all get lazy.  Homer nods--and I am being just as lazy as the old man by using that trite phrase to say that we all resort to cliche rather than putting in some honest work and coming up with an original way to say something.  So it should not surprise that the folks who write advertisements--no Homers they--don't just nod, they slip on banana peels while carrying wedding cakes.

It's lazy to say that you're having a BLOWOUT SALE.

It's beyond lazy to have a big sign saying BLOWOUT SALE on your vacuum cleaner store (seen in Madison, WI, years ago).

It's epic to have a marquee bellowing BLOWOUT SALE in front of your tire store as I saw downtown just a couple of days ago.

Any other good sightings?

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