Thursday, October 1, 2015

Still alive

Just to say that I was not directly involved in the massacre at UCC today.  I'm sure that I am no more than two degrees of separation from somebody who was; also pretty sure that we will get new neighbors at the cemetery next to us.  In a parallel universe not too far from this, I might be teaching at a parallel UCC.

We're always told that "now is not the time to bring up gun control laws," in the aftermath of such events.  They now happen with such regularity that there never will be a time.  And so we will have more.

As I've written here before, this is what we want to happen.  I've already been told that the solution is to have more guns, to have everybody carrying a piece--this despite a lot of evidence that that's not the solution.  But I'm too heart-sick and too tired and upset to argue it.  We've decided, as a country, that we actively want there to be a shooting like this every month.  And until we do something about our national psychosis about guns--something I see a lot of here in rural Oregon--we'll get more, and we want it.

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