Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Wednesday Wordage Sporting News Edition

I love skimming the sports pages of our newspaper.  I don't give a fig about the games, but I do like the headlines:  "Penguins confuse Devils," "Beavers bowl over Wolverines" and so on.  I especially like it when there are teams whose names function both as nouns and as verbs, which can lead to some especially confusing headlines.  Here are some of those teams, disguised and then unmasked:

1.  22nd president gets toasted
2.  Beatified French king engages in vehicular assault
3.  American Bison submits an invoice.
4.  Windy City offers support

5.  Beantown Bolshevik engages in battery

6.  Harley Hometown throws its rider
7.  Big Apple Borough goes fishing
8.  Pop star Whitney goes into orbit
9.  Patron saint of those who search for lost articles offers forceful encouragement
10.  Mythical bird works on her tan

College Sports (the last two are kind of obscure, not Division 1!):
11a and b. Pacific State both works assiduously and shirks (two teams)
12.  Cheeseheads annoy
13.  A spinster bucks convention
14.  Malibu school bids adieu
15. Windy City abandons

Answers (Highlight to see):  1--Cleveland Browns.  2--St. Louis Rams.  3--Buffalo Bills.  4--Chicago Bears.  5--Boston Red Socks.  6--Milwaukee Bucks.  7--Brooklyn Nets.  8.  Houston Rockets.  9--San Antonio Spurs.  10--Phoenix Suns.  11--Oregon both Beavers and Ducks.  12--Wisconsin Badgers.  13--Ole Miss Rebels.  14--Pepperdine Waves.  15--Chicago Maroons.

Got a good one to add?  Or a favorite sports headline?  Comment!

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