Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Wednesday Wordage: [con]fusion cuisine

So-called "Fusion Cuisine" aims to expand our horizons by combining, say, Indian traditions with Norwegian ingredients to produce something wonderful and new, like curried lutefisk.  Or, you can simply blend the words to arrive at something just as likely to be revolting: blending a fiery Indian curry with a Norwegian fish gives you Vindalootefisk.  See if you can get these other masterpieces of fusion cuisine.  Answers will be in comments.

1.  An Italian dessert made with mascarpone--and raw fish
2.  A boozy French chicken dish spiced with hot Indian chilis
3.  A Japanese noodle soup that is actually a Mexican tripe soup
4.  An Indian spice blend flavoring an Italian cured sausage
5.  A classic lobster dish made with crispy corn chips
6.  A breakfast of stale bread and eggs--served on a crispy, flat corn tortilla
7.  Japanese buckwheat noodles formed into a layered Greek dessert
8.  An archaic English sweet drink made from cream and wine, used to make an inflatable candy
9.  A chicle-based candy made into a Cajun stew
10.  Spaghetti for an Italian prostitute, made with French snails
11.  A middle-eastern chickpea dip made into a Greek eggplant casserole
12.  A spicy pizza topping made into tri-colored frozen dessert

1 comment:

  1. 1. Tiramisushi (eeeuw)
    2. Coq au vindaloo (has potential)
    3. Ramenudo (probably exists)
    4. Masalami (has potential)
    5. Lobster Thermidoritos (nope).
    6. French Toastada (why?!?!)
    7. Sobaklava (possibly, but unlikely)
    8. Syllabubblegum (I just love the word syllabub. Syllabub, syllabub, syllabub. )
    9. Chewing gumbo (I suppose if you put squid in your gumbo...)
    10. Pasta puttanescargot (might work, but not kosher so I won't worry about it).
    11. Hummousaka. (Appetizer and entree, OK, together, no)
    12. Pepperoneapolitan ice cream. Nope.