Thursday, March 31, 2011

Nice to know I'm doing it right

I talked briefly with M_____, the department's vice-chair in charge of instruction today, making official what she already knew--that I would no longer be teaching at Davis after this quarter. I felt rather apologetic telling her, since I knew that she didn't have instructors lined up for introductory bio in summer I, summer II, or either of the two sections introductory bio in the fall, or for introductory microbio in the fall. I'm making her already difficult job even harder.

Although M_____ knew of my intentions, the department chair did not. According to M______, when she mentioned my departure at a recent chairs' meeting, the department chair said words to the effect of "Well, ****! What are we going to do when we need to get a competent instructor for any random class on five days notice?!"

I guess I've established a niche here.

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