Sunday, March 27, 2011

Out with the old quarter, in with the new

So the new quarter starts tomorrow. I guess the students had a spring break, but between finishing grading and getting the revised syllabus etc ready, it didn't seem that different from any other week. Barely enough time to compose and translate into Maori this quarter's haka, let alone give it a decent rehearsal with the TAs. The audience (Bis2A--introductory biology) is 270 frosh. As always, it sounds much better in the Maori. The translators do a bang-up job, and they tell me they even rescued the pun in the last line of the opening.

Your ears are full of ear-buds
Your eyes are full youtube
Yours mouths are full of gossip
Your hands are full of text
Your noses are full of
Let'snot go there.

Your head is full of AP trivia
You know the name of every part
of the Krebs cycle
You know the name of every enzyme
In the pentose phosphate shunt

I do not care
no no no
I do not care
Please forget all that
I do not care
learn to think of the unknown
and write a decent paragraph.

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