Sunday, May 8, 2011

How to feel like a complete bastard

As part of the business of moving, we must sell our house. This means that we have to fix up a bunch of stuff to make it saleable--repair potential termite damage, replace a shingle on the roof, fix a leaky bathtub, paint, and fix up the front porch, which has these big cracks running through it.

This last issue means that we're going to have all kinds of conniptions on the front porch, which means that it's a totally unsuitable place for a hummingbird to build her nest.
Fortunately, she had just started--the nest was about 1/4 built, and there were no eggs. But we could watch her fly up with a bit of fluff, tuck it in, then sit in it and wiggle her butt to get it in place.
It had to go.

So, up the ladder I went, and down came the nest. It was mostly spiderwebs, and surprisingly solid in its attachment to the cable. But boy, did I feel like the lowest, meanest cur on this planet as I took it down.

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  1. Dude. Perspective, please. There are people who, on a whim, drive through the KFC so they can eat bird in their car on their way home. They don't need to eat bird. Many of them could stand to skip a meal or two. And the bird, one of the millions of such birds in this country which are genetically modified, deformed since birth, rarely see natural light, never leave its tiny cage ever, lives in its own feces, and is slaughtered in its youth once it reaches the weight limit, would probably not have minded the inconvenience of rebuilding a nest just so long as it could have been free. Just saying. You're still a mensch.