Saturday, June 25, 2011

Resuming the violin project

Life has clearly not been sufficiently complicated recently. So in addition to finishing an extremely busy academic year, fixing and selling the house, moving to Oregon, and trying to buy a house in Oregon, I've spent the last two weeks at the Southern California Violin Making Workshop in Claremont. This ended up being quite the tonic. Neither the Real Doctor nor I had done anything on our respective violins since, oh, July or August of last year, and both of us had been pedal to the metal at work. So, shifting gears from work to lutherie was pretty crunchy and took a couple of days. The intense and complete refocus really cleared my mind.

The Real Doctor had a head start, as I had to miss the first week of the violin building class for the last week of my biology class. Of course, everything in Sacramento took longer than expected, so I didn't get to LA until late at night. This meant driving past the central valley feedlots at dusk--peak bug time, as our car's bumper will attest:After a brief stop at the parents', it was off to "Claremona" (i.e. Cremona in Claremont) and the workshop. The Real Doctor sent me this picture to let me know what I was missing.
The picture made me want to get there sooner. I count everybody there as a friend.

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