Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The alea est even more jacta

Escrow has closed, and papers have been filed. The Real Doctor and I have bought the farm!

In other news, the Real Doctor has signed us up to get a half-dozen Nigerian Dwarf goats in spring of 2012.


  1. That is pretty exciting! I have to say farm life is fun...hard work but very enjoyable. I grew up on a small farm until I moved away to college. We had goats, sheep, chickens, ducks and some barn cats. Some of my best memories are from those days. :)

    ~ Jenny K

  2. Woohoo. Murphtor sends our best.

  3. Murphtor--thanks; once we get it fixed up, bring the whole crowd for a visit.
    Jenny K--I grew up in LA, so living 10 miles out of a small town is quite different. However, having spent the last 6 weeks in LA, I think I like the country better.