Sunday, November 13, 2011

alea jacta est

While we appear to be in Roseburg, we are actually in the magical land of Escrow. Thursday we saw the movement of a shockingly large amount of money. Friday, instead of watching the Veterans' Day parade, we entertained a parade of engineers, surveyors, architects, electricians, painters, and other contractors. The whole time I had a vision in my head of the numbers on an old-fashioned gas pump spiraling ever upward, and that lovely ding, ding, ding they made. Yesterday we drove up to Eugene to look at appliances (ding! ding!).

The state of shock that we are in is not unexpected, nor is it un-hoped-for. We made our first moves on this property in April, when we waved a large pile of cash at the bank involved. It's nice to finally be in escrow, and get started on this project.

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