Saturday, December 24, 2011

Flora, explained

Here's another, more revealing photo of Friday's thing:

Our Friday Flora was Rubus discolor, the oh-so-invasive Himalayan Blackberry. Like much of Oregon, we have a blackberry problem. You can make a dent in it with hand tools, but this is a literal pain. If you want to do more damage to the plant than the plant does to you, you need power tools. A Kubota tractor with a Brush Hog will do the trick, but it leaves you with piles of brambles. This being out in the country, you don't put your clippings in the green bin on Tuesday. You burn them.
So goes life. Carbon dioxide and water gets sucked out of the atmosphere and is trapped in a bramble for ten or twenty years; we come along and set it free again. I wonder how long it will remain free.

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