Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Freedom!!! (continued)

One of the joys of my father's medical condition is dealing with insurance agencies. There has actually been some progress in this painful process. The insurance company, having carefully reviewed all of the relevant documents, agreed that long-term medical care is necessary and precisely what we insured for. The company sent me a note compiling the bills we've paid since the end of the waiting period*, and then noted that it is responsible for none of the expenses.

A couple of days later, a different arm of the same company sent us a bill for exactly $0.00, payable within 28 days.

I am soooo relieved that no faceless government bureaucrats are making decisions for me, and that the private companies are being so efficient.

*The waiting period is a 60- or 90-day window between the start of long-term care and when the insurance company will pay. It is the company's fervent hope, no doubt written into its business plan, that the patient will die in that time.

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