Saturday, April 14, 2012

Answers to quiz, and more questions.

The answer to the previous post's quiz is that they are all colors of paint that we're using in our house. The next question is, which is which. Here are the colors:
Color # 1
Color #2
Color #3
Color #4

The choices are "Squish-squash," "Lion Heart," "Sorbete de Melon," and "Ticul." Which is which?

You may choose which is which with a roll of the dice, but it was a lot more painstaking for us to arrive at our decisions. The local paint store has a color consultant, who would come out with her decks of color cards for PPG and Benjy Moore, and we'd pore over these. Then, we'd get samples--sometimes the store has little trial jars, sometimes we'd have to get a specially brewed pint or two--and try them out.The process is baffling--the same color looks completely different on different walls and in different light. As always, it could be worse: the paint store's record is a person who tried seventy-two different specially blended colors of paint (and this was at a time when the smallest paint sample was a quart!). You put the stuff up on your walls in the full awareness that you have no idea how it will turn out.

And, of course, as this view from our driveway shows, nature is only too happy to show that we are pikers at this color-blending game.

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