Saturday, April 7, 2012

Holiday greetings

A joyous Pesach* to those who pass over things.

Four or five glasses of wine**, lots of myth, and a full moon will have their effect:

Passover 5772

The full moon looks down on me

Walking my dog after too much dinner.

The same moon looked down

When my Grandaddy fled the Ukraine;

The same moon looked down

When Israel fled the Pharaoh.

Once again, despite the full feast,

I’ll want to be elsewhere next year.

Once again, despite the efforts of the good,

Shalom is a stranger in Jerusalem.

Once again, despite the extra setting,

I suspect Elijah will not be joining us...


I can’t know this for sure.

So I set the prophet a place and pour him some wine,

I try to do good and fix the world,

I try to be a student of Moses and Hillel,

And whether it’s a place on Earth or just in my heart,

I’ll say, “Next year in Jerusalem.”

*Or as brother E. calls it, "it's that holiday with the parsley, isn't it?"
**Manischewitz--the only Kosher wine available in Roseburg. Yeeeeeeeeecchhhhh.

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