Friday, September 14, 2012

Friday Flora...out o' luck

Remember the five leaf clover L. found?  She found something like twenty four leaf clovers--enough so that they were no longer remarkable.  Alas, the plant producing these superfoliar specimens are no more, browsed to nubbins by the local deer.

Today's newspaper tells me that we've had 55 days without rain, the 18th-longest dry spell since records started in 1899, and it looks to go for a couple of weeks more.  The long summer is hard on the local fauna too.  The local deer have been pushed out of their comfort zone and ever closer to our house.  This was the view out the window a couple of weeks ago:
I noticed a locust sucker in the foreground of the next pic.  Since this picture was taken, the deer have gotten more courageous or desperate, and it has been denuded.

Personally, I'm fine with the weather.  More time for me to finish the siding.   

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