Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tuesday Tool

One of the first projects we started here was fencing.  We purchased some wire cutters and fencing pliers (廉价 brand) for the first part of the job, and they worked OK for a bit, and then started falling apart.  After removing the old fencing, we hired some pros to install new fencing.  I asked them what tools to get, and the boss guy fetched out his pliers and said "these."

The fencing project is ongoing, and since then we've had a series of electricians come by.  I've always asked them what tools they like, and they have recommended an odd kind of screwdriver and the same pliers. 

I've spent the last two days working on fencing, making a quarantine enclosure for an incoming goat.  The 廉价 brand pliers were dying, so I went to Milo's shop for new pliers.  I told the guy there I was fencing, and he said "Huh.  I did fences for fifteen years.  This is what you need.  I had one pair, lasted the entire time, it was pretty much all I used."  Then he fetched down the same pair of pliers. 

So, this week's tool has got to be the Klein Tools 9 inch high-leverage side cut pliers.  Model D213-9NE. 
I used it hard all day today, and it works great.  Still keen and strong, no sign of failing.  If only the same could be said for me.  I'm a wreck.


  1. good tools are worth their weight in gold. You'll have those pliers for at least 15 year, :-) Happy fencing.

  2. ...And if you're the Amazing Ray Lee, your tools literally are worth their weight in gold. I really wish the tool of the week were a lutherie tool, but no sign of that happening soon.