Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Tuesday Tool

(A bit late, but it was a busy day)

The tool of the day is definitely the Double K Model 401 Belt Mounted Variable Speed Clipper with 6 foot flex-shaft drive.

My project for the last few days has been to trim all of our goats, peeling off a year's worth of shaggy hair and leaving a nice, sleek-looking, cooler animal.  The does are not too bad--their hair isn't terribly long, despite having not had a haircut in over a year.  The bucks, on the other hand...well, they're awful.  They are furry like bears, hair three inches long all over, and a layer of cashmere underneath.  And, they smell like bucks. 

So, one by one, each goes up on the stand, into the stanchion, and starts complaining and fidgeting as I get the clippers going.  I've tried doing it with a hand-held clipper, but the extra power of the Mod. 401 is wonderful.  Mow up the back, then along the sides, up the legs, up the neck and around the head; wrestle and fuss and struggle while clipping the face and noggin; kick and complain while doing the legs and escutcheon and tail.  Trim, trim, trim, trim--and while I'm at it, trim their hooves, give the a copper bolus, and dose them with anti-louse.  The whole process, for one goat, takes just under an hour, leaving the goat upset and spick and span, and leaving me covered in itchy goat trimmings--the hair is stiff enough that it can penetrate my skin and act like a fiberglass splinter.  I can do three goats before running inside to change my shirt or take a shower.  (If I were more Orthodox about my Judaism, part of my morning ritual would be to thank the divine that I am not a woman; as it is, I am thankful that I don't wear a bra.)   

Clipping is nobody's favorite chore.  The goats don't recognize each other right away, so they are busy re-establishing their hierarchies.  There is much complaining, still, but at least they are cooler and easier to look at, and they won't be bothered until next summer. 


  1. could you make goat brushes for varnishing?

    1. Hi Kira! Well, we have tons of goat hair, but I have no skill in brushmaking. You want some hair, or have tips on how to?