Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Tuesday Tool Second Tuesday in November Edition

The tool is the ballot.  Like any tool, use it responsibly, and think before using.

An ancillary to this tool is the yard sign or bumper sticker--a simple statement that can be affixed to property, branding it with the name of a politician whom it is hoped will be elected.  Since it only consists of a name and maybe a slogan, it's far more vague than a haiku.  "Make America Great Again"--there's a lot packed into that, and it can easily be interpreted in many ways that smell of rotted corpses.

(As a question of semiotics, perhaps this is more of an issue for the Wednesday Word; but, it is Election Day, so here it is.)

I am deeply perplexed by what to make of people who deface their property--their car, land, or body--with the name of Donald Trump.  The statement is vague.  Are they like the shop in town that has a big sign saying "WE ARE VOTING FOR THE SUPREME COURT NOT THE PRESIDENCY"?  Do they really think they are just voting for a set of so-called "conservative" values?  If that's the case, they are exactly like guys who said that they subscribed to Playboy ONLY for the articles.  Either they are more naive than a ten-minute-old lamb; or, they lie, and are pleasuring themselves with thoughts of discriminating against women, non-Christians, immigrants, homosexuals, and every other non-white non-male group.  

If it's the former, well, they will probably be educated soon enough in the school of hard knocks by a professor selling colloidal silver and chemtrail repellent.  If it's the latter, what do I do?

If I hire a contractor with a Trump/Pence sticker on his truck--do I assume that he would be OK with me stiffing him?  The guy with a "Make America Great Again" hat and a Vietnam Service Ribbon and POW bumper sticker on his car--do I assume that he wants me to mock him as a loser and a coward?  My neighbors with the big "TRUMP" sign by their driveway--do I assume that he would be A-OK with me assaulting his wife, and that she would be just fine with me saying disgusting things about her daughter and making sport of their disabled son?  Are they all good with me just lying to them constantly about every thing great and small? I know a lot of these people, and I'm pretty sure that these things would not go over well, but...that sign, that slogan...it is like being invited into a friend's house and stumbling over something shameful that you wish they had hidden away.  Was the business model of Playboy ever not explicitly based on exploiting women?  Did anyone ever buy a copy of Playboy just for the articles?

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