Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Wednesday Wordage geographical edition

Today's wordage wonders where we are.  Certain words seem to be paired with certain locations, like a duck is associated with Peking or certain window blinds are associated with Venice; each sentence evokes a place this way, at least four times.  The place could be a country, state or city; also the name could not be the same for all the words, but the place is the same (like what we call German, the Russians call Nemetskii, the Italians call Tedeschi, and the Germans call Deutsch).  The key words are in italics. So, here we go.  Answers will appear later in comments.

1.   I went on campus and found a system; the key to the formula was in a poetic ode on an urn, which was full of yogurt.
2.  My host served me salad with dressing and for dessert, some charlotte.  Afterwords we amused ourselves by playing with dolls and roulette.
3.  I took my leave, and decided to go out for some fries.  Unfortunately, I managed to get my cuffs in the dip.
4.  I wanted to see a classic movie, since I was on holiday.  My tastes are pretty catholic, but I have to hold my nose to see anything by Polansky.
5.  "Oh miss, to cut my chard and cheese I need an army knife!"
6.  I can't dance a two-step while eating tea and toast; I need someone to hold 'em.
7.  What a delight! Steaming in a bath while drinking coffee and listening to a rondo!
8.  Enough of this inquisition!  It's worse than the flu!  I must fly--perhaps to Harlem...


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  2. 1. Greek system, Greek key (a protein folding pattern!), Grecian Formula, ode on a grecian urn, and Greek Yogurt.
    2. Russian dressing, Charlotte Russe, Russian dolls and roulette
    3. French leave, french fries, french cuffs, french dip.
    4. Roman Holiday (go see it!), Roman Catholic, Roman nose, and Roman Polansky (though in that name, Roman doesn't mean from Rome).
    5. Swiss Miss (tm), Swiss cheese, swiss chard, and the swiss army knife.
    6. Texas two-step, texas tea (aka crude oil) texas toast, and Texas hold'em.
    7. Turkish delight, turkish bath, turkish coffe, Rondo a la turca.
    8. No one expects the Spanish Inquisition! Spanish flu, fly, and Spanish Harlem.