Monday, February 14, 2011

Monday Musical Offering Movie Minimalism Edition

Sorry, still no performances from me. Hopefully there will be some soon. Part of the reason is time away from the piano: we spent the last four days at Squaw Valley, where the Real Doctor was attending a conference. (Some skiing was done, too.) Of course, being a Real Doctor conference, the sessions were held at a Swanky Hotel, with its own take on Swanky Hotel Lobby decor that announced its location in the wilds of the Sierra Nevada. That is, pretty much the same as any other, with perhaps a few more Craftsman/Frank Lloyd Wright touches, and two enormous granite boulders in the lobby.

Our last sojourn in realm of swanky hotel lobbies (and a visit to the Art Institute of Chicago) inspired a rant on minimalism--so, it's completely appropriate that, while waiting in the swanky lobby and checking out the amusing Opera Chic blog, I found this amusing take on one of the seminal pieces of modern musical minimalism: Steve Reich's "Clapping Music":

I'll insist (again) that this is really music--it's polyrhythmy, rather than polyphony, like a Bach two-part invention only playing with pulse rather than pitch. This video makes it a bit clearer...

Now, go back and watch Lee Marvin and Angie Dickinson again. Pretty slick.

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