Sunday, February 6, 2011


I mentioned that it hasn't snowed in a while. This is not exactly correct--as this photo of a light dusting shows.

It's just the horribly wrong kind of snow*. Large flocks of crows gather in the trees surrounding the West parking garage every evening, cawing and pooping--it's right about when people are heading home, and you can hear something like a squishy rain. The condensation from the thick fog in the morning makes the guano into a kind of slurry, and it smells worse than a seabird rookery I once visited.

It has also drawn the attention of the powers that be. I received this bulk email this week from the Bio department administration:

At this morning’s recharge group meeting, the presenters were from Grounds Maintenance. I asked about the crow situation surrounding the West Entry Parking Structure, parking lots 40 and 41, etc. They were not encouraging, saying that crows are very smart (for birds) and figure out quickly that when predator sounds are played in the area no birds are being killed so there must not be a real threat. They are going to attempt the predator sound approach starting approximately next week to see if they can get any improvement. Unfortunately they say the birds will likely just move over a few trees, then return later.

Bob Segar (campus planning) was giving their presentation, and stated that his office’s first priority is campus visitors: making a good impression on them when they arrive so they will want to come back. I told him he better hope they aren’t parking in our area, or they will never return! I also stressed that the current situation is both a health and safety hazard.

Bottom line: continue to wear a coat with a hood or use an umbrella to protect your head and clothes, wear shoes with traction, and have paper towels handy to use on the hand rails!
*I don't think that even the Wax Curmudgeon would know how to wax for it!

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