Saturday, April 30, 2011

Bachelor Food

Tonight I dine on lentils, washed down with quaffs of white wine. For me, this is bachelor food, since tonight I am a temporary bachelor. The Real Doctor is away, and will not be offended. There's some dishes and wines that the Real Doctor does not care for, or loathes, but that I rather like. There's enough out there that we both like that I don't suffer from the absence of these dishes. However, if I am alone, I'll make them. So, bachelor food.

During a drive from Tahoe to Sacto, I asked Laurabee if she had such meals. She did--until Rad developed a liking for hers. Rad had some too, until Laurabee found out how to make them appealing.

I don't think the Real Doctor will learn to like lentils and Sauvignon Blanc anytime soon. Do you have a bachelor meal?

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