Thursday, August 25, 2011

Cultural references

I suppose that my first thought on reading yesterday's article about blinking bacteria should have been the Doctor Who episode "Blink and you're dead." However, what actually sprang to mind was a cartoon I think I saw--or maybe dreamed up--years ago. I could not find it, so here's my version of it:


  1. lmao. I think you need to start your own comic strip. I'd read it!

    P.S. I really love the posts you've been doing lately about human microbes. Please keep them coming! I read every one and find them very thought provoking. :)

  2. Jenny K--
    too often XKCD says what I want to say before I can say it. I think I'm good for a comic a quarter. But, I'll try to keep up with the symbiosis papers. I'm glad to know that you find them interesting!