Sunday, May 20, 2012

Back online

The internets, as we all know, are a series of tubes. It turns out that it's also a microwave antenna, a dish, a wire, a router...and so forth. We've been offline for a while getting it all set up, but--rejoice or mourn--we're back. Here's how it's done in the sticks:

1. Ascertain that you can see Mount Scott. Why?
2. Mount an antenna so that it has a solid, high base and a clear view of Mount Scott.

3. Dig a trench and lay in conduit so that a wire can get from the antenna to your house.
4. String the wire under your house and up through the wall into the room that has your wireless router in it (not shown--it's dark under the house!). Fill in your trench.5. Spend a couple of days dealing with confusion because the company is using new firmware and the installing technician wasn't aware of it; get back out to the roof of the shed and re-aim the antenna, because the technician was off by a few degrees.6.Cat videos!

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