Monday, May 21, 2012

Monday Musical Offense, reconsidered

A couple of weeks ago, I kvetched about the radio station chosen by one of the contractors working on our house. A new phase of the project has started (pix later); one of the guys on this has his radio set to the same station, so I've heard "Call Me Maybe" and "Sexy and I know it" several times a day for the last few days. The new guy here favors dubstep, which is a step up.

Maria M. commented that it's Dadaism in music, but I'm not entirely sure--I think it's just folk music for a modern era. I mean, folk music is supposed to reflect the everyday experiences of "the folk" (or as Arlo Guthrie has it, if folk sing it, it's folk music). In mythic days of yore, those experiences would be the cycle of the seasons in the rustic life, planting corn and slaughtering goats, and maybe a run-in with a virtuous bandit or despised agent of the empire. Now, it's waiting on hold and listening to instructions from computerized voices and programming a Tivo and sitting in traffic and twittering. So, we get the folk music and folk dance that society makes.

I sure can't say that's any better or worse than this; folk is folk. 

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