Tuesday, January 15, 2013

T-t-t-t-tuesd-d-d-d-d-day t-t-t-t-t-tool

It got down to almost 20 degrees F/-6 C last night, making morning chores chilly.  The tool of the day--of the week--is the flannel lined denim jeans by Carharrtt, for making life better.

The Tuesday tool was almost the caulk gun, but it was used Monday, not today.  There was a contractor here yesterday, installing "LivingStone" on the walls of what will be our shower.  He's a local guy, been here all his life, and he knows I am a foreigner from exotic, urban Los Angeles.  He was industriously shooting dollops of silicone onto the drywall as I helped hold things up, and asked, so Alex, do you have any guns?  I said sure, let me go get one, but yours seems to be working fine.  He had a good laugh at me; he meant firearms, but I was thinking about caulking guns.  He has four; his coworker has five--all small calibre rifles and such for hunting and plinking, not semiautomatics.  He couldn't see why anybody would get excitable about guns out here, but he also couldn't see any social or personal good from having a gun in  L.A.

People seem all to be talking about guns, guns, guns--and this is still mighty relevant, a good daily reminder.  Today's contractor noticed that the gun shop he passes on his way here had a full parking lot and looked really busy.  He hears people talking, scared that they won't be able to buy an assault rifle any more.  He's a pretty peace-minded, religious man--incidentally, also not a native, also from urban southern California--and he marveled that people should be in such a rush to buy things whose only and intended use is to kill other humans.  If it comes to a point where we are expected to be ready to kill other people, he said, I don't want to be part of it.

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