Thursday, January 24, 2013

Winter wonders

It's winter here, and the weather seems to have settled into a pattern with two major themes; one of these themes will persist for a week or so, then be replaced by another.  Today's theme is rain/drizzle/overcast, but for the preceding two weeks, the theme was freezing fog in the morning, followed by a sunny but cold afternoon.  Freezing fog is a pain for driving, but it produces some amazing sights.

The most amazing thing we saw was on Monday morning; it was in the low 20's F, and the fog was just starting to lift.  It was clear off to the east, where the sun was rising, but to our immediate west, there was a depression with a dense pocket of frozen fog.  The result was astounding:
You must click on that picture to blow it up.  The picture, alas, doesn't quite register what the eye saw.  I didn't see any color in it, none at all--and I almost had to look at it sideways to really see it, blending as it did into the fog.  I'm not sure I'll ever see the like again.

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