Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Tuesday Tool

Winter nights are cold in Wisconsin.  It is only natural under such circumstances to seek warmth; the animal mind, freed of the encumbrances of conscience, won't hesitate to leave others in the cold to stay warm.  So, it should not have been a surprise to me, many years ago, when the Real Doctor would execute a quick manoeuver in the middle of the night: grabbing the blankets to her body, she would roll in place about 120 degrees away from me, then about 270 degrees towards me, then back to lying on her back.  For her, the result was to be completely swaddled in a layer of blankets.  For me, the result was no blankets at all.  She did this in her sleep, so she was blameless--but I was still in the cold.  This behavior was stereotypic; we called it the "Roto-zip," and thankfully, she has largely forsaken it. 

Today, I was putting up some drywall.  If you're doing this, you can carefully measure everything out, and precut holes for outlets and windows and such using your knife.  Or, you can roughly measure out where the cutouts will be, tack the sheet of drywall up, and use a small, one-handed router to cut the drywall to exactly fit.  It works great.  The tip of the router bit is smooth, and rides around the outside  of the outlet or the window, and the rest of the bit cuts through the drywall like a hot knife through butter.  The router is made by Bosch, but it's sold under the brand "RotoZip."

I never thought I would feel so positively about a RotoZip. 

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