Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Tuesday Tool Raisin' the Roof Edition

The tool of the day is definitely the Bostitch Framing Nailer, aka the big nailgun.

We are finally--finally--building the shelters for our rams and bucks.  These are going to be essentially small pole barns, rugged enough to deal with cranky rams, equipped with waterers, hay storage, etc, and will eventually make my life much easier.  But for right now, they are a lot of work, and I'm learning the useful skil of how to build a pole barn.

We've got the poles in, and rooted in cement; we've been working on the roof for the last week.  The rafters are up, which was a job.  Each one weighed a couple of hundred pounds or more, and needed to be raised into place and quickly secured, which is tricky when you're twelve feet off the ground on a ladder, leaning against the same pole that the rafter's going to be on.

Right now we're working on the purlins, which go across the rafters, and are what the roofing metal actually attaches to.  Each of them needs to be braced onto the rafters--more work while perched on top of a ladder, often reaching over the beam to nail something to the other side.

These are situations where the big nailgun is fantastic.  I can reach out, fully extended, with one hand--my left hand, which is not as strong--press a button, and WHAM!  A 3" nail is driven home.  No swinging around, no repeated whacking, no holding a nail in one hand and a hammer in another, no bruised thumbs.  Fantastic.

Just wear your safety glasses and your ear protection.  And have at!

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