Monday, September 6, 2010

Monday Musical Offering

Another of the Dvorak Humoreskes, Opus 101 number 5. More spirited than charming, and played a bit more amateurishly than I'd like. Recording something like this is a trying experience. I know, from previous experience, that I can play every single part of it well. However, stringing together all those single parts into a perfect whole is near impossible. So, I spend a half hour or so filming myself and producing takes that are 90% right. I then have to select the one that has the most important 90% right. "Right" doesn't just mean note perfect; the terror brought on by recording equipment causes interpretive conservatism that is often contrary to musicality, so the result is much tamer than it should be (this effect has been noted since Edison's time; there are legendary pianists such as Hoffmann, Godowsky, and even Rubinstein who made decent recordings that (according to contemporaries) were nowhere near as good as live performance--the presence of the microphone just made them clam up).

Anyway, enjoy, as much as possible. The video just got loaded today (Monday), so it may not be available until tonight or tomorrow.

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