Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Trendiness, and a message for Val

So, according to Outside Magazine and Sunset Magazine--who should know--the trendy train that we must all hop on board right now is Stand-Up Paddleboarding. To be really with it, call it "SUP" as in "dude, 'sup dude?" We've seen people doing this down in Pacific Palisades, and up here on the American River.

But wait--if it's in such a lamestream magazine as Sunset, isn't it already passe? Why yes, it is. How is one to stay ahead of the curve? Simple--imitate the guy we saw on the bike trail the other day. He was riding a "longboard" skateboard, propelling himself with a carbon-fiber SUP paddle with the blade sawn off and replaced with a rubber wheel. He was on the bleeding edge of fashion, and by the looks of it, he could soon be just bleeding.

Of course, this trend-conscious young man could just have been trying to keep up with trendsetters such as myself...

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