Thursday, November 29, 2012


Found this scrap of newspaper in a forgotten nook of the house. 

It's interesting that there was a spot--a sort of bench-cupboard next to the fireplace, probably intended for firewood--undisturbed for such a long time.  There were a few other items in there, some of which will appear here, some of which have been returned to their original owner (who grew up here, and is now an elderly lady living in town).  Also interesting to note the evolution (or lack there of) in the funnies.  I know I've seen the gag in Gasoline Alley before, and the ones in Smokey Stover and Winnie Winkle seem familiar (the gag-per-frame thing in Smokey Stover is interesting).  The plot in Smilin' Jack seems a bit outre, but probably isn't to the devoted reader of Apartment 3-G.  I suppose I should also lament how the funnies have been shrunk and made less colorful; sic transit gloria sunday.

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