Thursday, November 15, 2012

One Year Later

It's been one year since we purchased our farm.  Here's a panorama from December of 2011
 And here's a panorama from today.
 By all means, click on them to blow them up. It is somewhat gratifying to see the difference this way; working here all the time, the changes tend to be incremental and less noticeable.  Left to right...there's a new truck, a necessary vehicle for the farm; most of the driving I do day-to-day is in this, hauling hay and building supplies.  You can see the house, the forest of dangerous trees having been removed.  The steel gateposts marking the entry to the field have been removed, and a new road put in.  In the far distance, you can see the reservoir shed, just to the left of the big pine tree that had its lower branches pruned out.  To the left of the big oak with the water tank beneath it, you can see the SHMU (SHeep Mobility Unit), where half of our sheep live.  There's a lot fewer brambles overall. Before you get to the center of the panorama, the old sheep barn that was getting swallowed by brambles has been removed.  Closing out the panorama, you can see the nice new four foot, no-climb and electric perimeter fence along our driveway.  

It's hard to see in the photos, but the population has changed.  There are a dozen or so chooks, six Nigerian Dwarf Goats, and sixteen Shetland sheep.  None of them are visible in today's shot, but one of the goats was trying to eat my pants as I was taking the pictures.  

There is a lot that can't be seen--almost all of the work on the house, for example.  And there's a lot that hasn't been touched, such as everything across the creek.  But, there is progress.  In today's panorama, you can see some earthmoving equipment involved with putting up a new barn.  One of the people there did a bit of work here about when the first picture was taken, and hadn't been back since.  He said he was amazed at how different the place looks. 

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