Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Tuesday Tool Standard Time Edition

Today's object that makes life better is

the Light & Motion Urban 300 LED bicycle headlight.  It gets dark dark here about 5:00; the sun goes down, and it's usually quite cloudy, so even if there's a full moon it's dark.  If you wanna go for a ride after all the contractors have gone and left you alone, you need lights.  This one (and its big brother the Urban 500) is excellent. 

(I just gotta say, I've been riding with lights for fifteen or more years, and I'm just amazed at how much better, brighter, longer-lasting, and cheaper they've gotten.  When I started, it was with a home-made rig using 6V batteries for model airplanes and a halogen lamp bulb jury-rigged into a flashlight reflector, and that was as good as you got unless you shelled out hundreds of dollars for a Night Sun outfit (which wasn't that much better).  Since then, the Real Doctor and I have gone through four generations of outfits, and they've gotten so much better.  This little self-contained unit that charges with a micro-USB is an order of magnitude better than its predecessor in our collection.  I suppose there is a lighting equivalent of Moore's Law.  I wonder what I'll be riding with five years from now.)

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