Monday, June 7, 2010

Gouging out the plates

I am using an "inside-out" method for shaping the top and bottom of the violin. Drilling that hole established the maximum depth of the hollowing in the plate. The curvature of the plates is established by using a chain to make a catenary curve along two lines intersecting at the hole:
Once those depths are established, catenary curves across the plate are used to make latitudinal arching, and the shape of the interior of the violin is established.
This whole process makes piles and piles of wood shavings. I think of the inside of the violin as being like a very small concert hall, and the shape of the hall has an effect on the sound.

Then, it's time to take the hollowed-out plate over to the bandsaw and cut it out.

Onwards to roughing out the outsides!

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