Saturday, June 19, 2010

Why build violins (III)

For this one, I'll defer to Stanley Potts*. Go and read, now.

I can't say that this is the reason I'm working on my Stainer model. My family is generally unsentimental to a point that might appear callous to outsiders. However, I just found out that my Aunt L. died earlier this week. I wasn't especially close to her, but I find myself seeing a parallel to her in the Stainer--a bit old fashioned and formal, precise, polite, and nice. She had a good, full life, and I hope that this fiddle can be as good to its players as she was to her family and friends.

I left the violin workshop this morning, and the quarter starts at full speed on Monday. I will be going from being a student at maximum intensity to being a teacher at maximum intensity. I still have a lot in mind from the workshop, and I'm hoping that the rush of summer sessions will not crowd out the memories. While progress on the violin will undoubtedly slow, I will keep posting--this record has still not caught up with current events.

*A regular contributor to the Strad. He is a curmudgeonly, semi-retired luthier with a fondness for Stradivari, Gilbert & Sullivan, and single-malt Scotch. Toby is is former assistant, and current boss; Bianca is an apprentice, and like Toby, an obsessive fan of Guarneri del Gesu.

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